I don’t recall seeing media coverage dominated as with the Corona flu virus, scientifically known as COVID19.  Corona story after Corona story. The coverage  is so extreme at its fevered peak that its impossible to do an internet search on any topic, take peanut butter for example, without a COVID19 injection into the subject.

The media is stuck in news orbit. Why? Looking at the title lines and keywords I’m led to believe that a high percentage of the country is dying or on its death bed. I’m led to believe drastic measures are necessary to prevent half of the country from dying. Words like death, suffering, deadly, mortality, fatal, kill, killer, fear and anxiety are Corona subject line main stays.

How stoppable is the Corona Flu?

The answer to that question is it depends on who you ask. Lets start from the beginning. Originally the U.S. consensus was “its a new, never seen before virus”. Media watchdogs  pointed out that Lysol disinfection lists the Corona virus as being killed by the spray. So the media changed to refer to COVID19.

An effort ensued to classify the virus as something other than Influenza. All respiratory virus infections are Influenza. The Corona is no different. It is a variation of the flu. Corona viruses are, one of the easiest viruses to kill with disinfectant products.

What is the percentage of US population infected with Corona ?

To answer that lets look at the facts on May 10, 2020. The Center for Disease Control lists the U.S. with 1,354,219″ cases. There are 330,150,668 people.

1,354,219/330,150,668 = 0.00410182117 or .4 percent

That means that the virus effect is relative to less than 1/2 of a percent of the U.S. population. In other words 99.6% of the people are not infected.World wide the numbers CDC lists:

4,055,863/7,648,601,119 = 0.000530275136 or .05 percent

Translate that to less than a 10th of a percent of the worlds population is affected by the virus. The fatality rate is less than 5% rate and is concentrated on those 72 years and older with preexisting health issues. For those infected there is a better than 80% chance that the symptoms will be very mild.

To sum up, the over all effect of the Corona to the population is very small. Most of those affected seem to have mild symptoms including light coughing. The overwhelming majority get over it in normal cold and flu recovery times, without a doctors help. The elderly are always at risk for influenza and my need to seek doctors help.

So with that in tow, the question remains, “Why has the media overhyped coverage?”

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