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While drug maker Merck’s CEO Keith Frazier, is saying that there will soon be an inoculation for the covid variant, there is a political fight underway to assure that the release of the shot will be only available after the election and not before. Clearly the media wants to assure that the current administration gets no credit for ushering in the solution. Which I find ironic, seeing that we really did not have to go to these extreme number of corona virus cases. Lysol aerosol spray would have minimized its spread. And to add food for thought, having a “flu” shot did not end the flu. The absence of Lysol was a leading reason that the number of cases was not minimized.

It seems that the media is continuing  a mission to validate Corona Virus as an unknown never seen before plague sent from God to eradicate the current Republican President and usher in the new masked mandating , Democrat Joe Biden.  The key justification is that the current administration ineptness was the cause of tens of thousands of lives lost. Had we had a democratic president this would not have happened. There would be no COVID19 influenza, just a nation of  people living life though masks.

Well, actually that is both a fallacy and propaganda. The truth is the poor response to the Corona Flu is as much congress fault as it is the fault of local and state officials. The spread of the corona flu virus could have been easily minimized. Saving up to 125k in lives should have been an easy thing to do. The facts are very simple steps were not taken gives place to those who think there is more to this flu spread than is clear.

Corona has become the single most politicize issue of our generation. To be clear lets look at some facts.

In normal a normal year, we have various strands of cold and flu virus propagating across the US and the world at large. While there is no one version of the “influenza” but each year there is a new strand. With a different scientific name. We lump them all together and call them flu, short for Influenza, which means a respiratory virus attack that could lead to pneumonia and death. Regardless of what you call the viruses they are still influenza. Even the common cold virus kills people each year.

The chief and most effective way we fight the various forms of cold and flues is by using the Lysol aerosol spray, confirmed by both scientist and doctors to kill the various forms of influenza on contact. This is excellent in limiting the spread of the flu while at home and in public places, like stores and churches. We have had no effective Lysol aerosol availability during the entire advancing of the Corona flu. This is not a reference to wipes, which may be good for counter tops etc. What happened to the spray?

I understand that bleach and wipes are effective tools for cloths toilets and counter tops, but the #1 most effective way to kill any influenza is to spray it in the air. This is why social distancing is in place. Its a measurement of the distance of air travel before the virus falls to the ground, or counters.

Reckitt Benckiser company who produces this spray has not been civically responsive through out the pandemic. In fact the have been deftly silent. By the same token where is congress putting pressure on Reckitt Benckiser to ramp up production. Knuday.com brought to your attention over and over again,  that the media portrayal and the politicizing of the virus was more destructive than the virus. Lysol can states that it kills 99% of all virus and clearly states it kills the corona virus. Knuday documented that months ago. Why has there been no effort to get more into the communities and why is there months later still a shortage ?

The death count is largely a result of the ineptness of our appointed and elected officials to ” do the right thing.” Putting flu sickened carriers in care facilities which are home to extended care, elderly and preexisting illnesses patients undoubtedly led to tens of thousands of deaths. This was the primary reason that New York and California lead the nation in Covid deaths. It maps back to the recklessness of state officials. Why is there no congressional hearings or Subpoenas being issued ? Politics?

What ever numbers of new “Covid Cases ” there are and the fallacy of how Covid flu is more deadly than other strands, it must taken with a wink of the eye. There are 3 key reasons.

  1. If the Lysol Aerosol had been available the spread of the virus would have been minimal.
  2. The number of deaths that are directly attributed to the reckless responses in New York and California are 10s of thousands.
  3. The number of people who have had the Covid, but did not get tested, or just self quarantined is unknown but expected to be multiple the size of people who got tested. The number is estimated to be in the millions

Taking those facts into calculus it would be clear. This virus damage is mostly man made though poor response and decisions on local and state levels. I guess I should add Congress hasn’t done anything about it either. If Lysol Aerosol had been available and NY and CA hadn’t added their dysfunctions, we basically be talking about College football and the upcoming season. Instead we are still asking the same question months into the pandemic. Where is the Lysol Aerosol ?



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