Since I was a little girl I always heard vote democrat. As I became an adult I never asked the question Why vote democrat? Is this a tradition? Why would I not look at the facts, issues and concerns of my people and who could help us.

What about the concept of voting for the party that truly addresses our issues? What are our issues? What do you want the government to put into place that would benefit you and your family? What does that look like?

If we spend some time asking ourselves some heartfelt questions on what really matters to us, we can surely make sound decisions regarding who we put into office. But if we continue ignoring what’s important and giving energy to hear say and things that DO NOT affect us or our families we will get and have the same results that we have had and not progress further as a whole.

What has interfered with our progress as a whole? Have you ever given that some thought? Why are we in 2020 dealing with some of the exact same issues we had during the 50’s and 60’s? WHY? Have you ever realized that the presidents that were doing things to help our people were assassinated (Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, John F Kennedy)? Food for thought.

What have we done to effect changes that the same old issues will not continue?

Take some time during this shut down period and write down the things that matter and then you will have a good base to discuss who will touch on or come close to helping us as a whole.

If we do not do something different History will continue repeating itself.

Author: JBW


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