United States News about the Corona Virus has overwhelmed the media since the November coverage of the spread in China.  COVID19 media coverage dwarfs any other media objects and is now a stage 10 infodemic whipping into such a fever frenzy that it appears 80% of US media’s daily coverage relates directly to the subject.

In the eye of the infodemic storm  you find descriptors like “rapidly spreading, deadly disease, critical state, quarantined, near death, advanced state, mortality rate, and death.” This verbiage is usually accompanied by pictures of people in full medical and surgical gear, emergency response uniforms, people wearing respirators, and filtering masks. Overwhelmingly the media induces panic and apocalypse end is near themes.

Driven by both press and politicians, congress has called on President Trump to take emergency actions, shutting down work places with 25 or employees. Eatery businesses are told to operate on delivery or take out only.  This has had a direct effect on the once expanding economy, which now has slowed to a crawl. Layoffs and terminations are in the thousands. Hiring is decreasing as questions and anxiety grips the nation.  The House and Senate agreed on a 1.4 trillion dollar economic recovery bill which is suppose to get money back into the hands of the working people to resuscitate the economy. 

Yet with all this action and reaction taking place, a very large percentage of the people don’t believe that there is a crisis, nor emergency worthy of all that activity.  An MSN poll of nearly 1million showed that the majority thinks that too much attention is being paid to a virus that is not as damaging as influenza (flu); incidentally this poll has now been removed from MSN.


With a poll showing the greater majority think the Corona infodemic is overkill, it begs the question “what gives ?” Lets take a look at why people believe the Covid19 is over hyped with ulterior motives.

National Institute of Health Scientists
  1. The symptoms of the Covid are largely comparable to both the cold and the flu, in that for the majority, there is a 2-3 week lifespan in which there may be slight fever and mild coughing.  In the more advance cases these characteristics may exist slightly longer for 3-6 weeks.
  2. The flu is far more deadly and and does not get 1/10 of the media attention that Covid is generating. Facts are that nearly 50 thousand people die related to the flu each year in the United States. More exactly during the same span between October 2019 and March 2020 the flu was responsible for over 20k deaths while the Covid claimed only 1.8k. This fact proves the flu is far more deadly and while there is a flu shot, this has not prevented more than 50k from dying each year.
  3. Viruses that infect the respiratory tract cause influenza (commonly called “the flu”) have gone by many names in the recent years. Most were considered a terror at first but today are rarely spoken of. H1N2, H2N2 are no longer apart of discussions.The respiratory illness is similar to MERS and SARS, the CDC says. These were all considered a terror, but left marginal effects.
  4. The actual numbers of people who contract Corona and actual related deaths it is very low. Media seems geared towards magnifying the actual the number of people who have the virus and the number of people who died related to it. But the ratio of those to variables is pertinent. To find the rate you simply divide the number of deaths by the number of those who have contracted the virus. Currently in the U.S. that number is about 1.6% which translates to a 98.4% rate of recovery.
  5. Many news publications are publishing fake and irresponsible articles with fake numbers. Some will say they don’t have testing kits and then in the same article say their death toll numbers are confirmed. How can you make that confirmation with out testing ?
  6. Since January, Lysol spray which kills most Viruses including the corona virus is unavailable in the stores, which obviously means the virus can spread uninhibited. This also leads to conspiracy theories.
  7. The U.S. Surgeon General says we should be more concerned about the flu,which is far more deadly, than Covid.
  8. The actual numbers are very difficult to calculate when you consider that there are so few test kits and of a surety, there are many misdiagnosing the season flu being and Corona.



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